That time I made a pastrami sandwich (in three days).

Pastrami. One of my true loves. You don’t have to travel to New York to enjoy it. You can make it at home. Though not very difficult, it requires some patience. I started with a brisket flat (I don’t have a smoker large enough for an entire packer brisket) Once corned, I rubbed it down, smoked it up, steamed it. To accompany this amazing meat I made a loaf of rye and some mustard. Next time I will do the bread in loaf pan so it is more sandwich friendly. So it took three days, but it was a great sandwich. Check out a few pics of the final result.


What is meatjacuzzi?

Meat jacuzzi. A silly food blog I started because I needed a website to use for a technology demo.  It started with dinner while cooking some ribeye steaks sous vide. My friend said to me, “What a nice meat jacuzzi!”.  Did some searching on the Internet and found that he was not the first person to coin that term. A couple other people had posted their DIY sous vide setups and referenced them as a meat jacuzzi. But, the name was available. I created a quick logo using and there you have it.

hipsterlogogenerator_1428892419797I figure I can post some fun food pics and recipes here. Feel free to browse around. Here is a picture of some bacon that I cured.